Community Supported Restaurant Members Program

All our supporters can become L’Oca d’Oro members and make us a truly Community Supported Restaurant (CSR). For L’Oca d’Oro, it’s an opportunity to connect with the neighborhood and to repay you with a discounted house account.

  1. – Advance notice of special event and holiday dinners. L’Oca d’Oro hosts many dinner parties each year inspired by holidays, cultural festivals/events, movies, sports, and whatever else comes into our heads. Each shareholder will get the first crack at 2 reservations.
  3. – A personalized house account card which is transferable to friends and family.  Each card is loaded with a 20% premium on how much you spend over $1k.  Spend $1000, get $1200.  We keep track of your acct so you don’t have to wait for your check and don’t have to worry about losing your card.

For more information, EMAIL US

Hospitality Charges

20% Pre-Tax service charge

is added to all checks to ensure our employees a thriving base wage, provide paid sick leave and health benefits.  Additional gratuity is not required but is appreciated and is distributed to the entire staff.

2.85% Credit Card Convenience

We charge 2.85% on credit cards to help offset processing costs.  This amount is not more than what we pay in fees.  We do not surcharge on debit cards, gift cards or cash payments.

Thank you for supporting L'Oca d'Oro!