Tasting through some of Lombardy’s wines in preparation for the next region that we’ll be exploring.  We load the menu and the wine list with items inspired by Lombardy and then offer a daily changing tasting menu and wine flight to highlight some of our finds and creations.

This week, I’ve tasted a handful of Chiavennasca, which is called Nebbiolo in next door Piedmont.  The expressions from Valtellina Superiore tend to be lighter and brighter than their cousins, Barolo and Barbaresco.   I find them approachable and food-friendly without sacrificing complexity.  And, if its something darker and denser that you’re looking for, there’s always Sforzato di Valtellina, made from partially dried Chiavennasca.

Franciacorta continues to be a mystery.  As Champagne prices continue to climb, this metodo classico Italian sparkling stay affordable.  They capture some of the richness, yeastiness and minerality of champagne and are considerably more complex than the proseccos of Veneto to the East.  But, they remain off the radar in our market.  Perhaps, we can do some educating next month.

Finally, we started on Valentine’s plans.  I can’t wait to see what the Carpenters vs. The Sex Pistols menu is going to look like.  Sounds like romance to me.

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