November Food Notes

November 2023 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a very precious time for those of us who enjoy cooking and gathering with loved ones. In this bag, you will find some new and old dishes from us that we thought would make amazing accompaniments to your dinner. From a classic french pasta bake to an untraditional japanese take on Parker House rolls. We are very thankful that y’all have allowed us to take part in your dinner by preparing a few small sides.

We hope you enjoy.   – Fiore

What We Have Prepared For You This Week & How to Finish At Home:

Mascarpone Whipped Sweet Potatoes:

In this take on a Thanksgiving favorite we add mascarpone into confit sweet potatoes to give a more complex umami flavor. This pairs so well with the brown butter and vanilla notes you’ll taste in the dish. To prepare, heat potatoes in a small pan on low heat, until hot. Crumble fried sage on top and enjoy. Allergies: dairy, nightshade, allium.

Kale with Pancetta and Currants:

Beautiful, lush steelbow farms kale is the star of the show here in place of the traditional stewed collard or mustard greens you find on most thanksgiving tables. The kale is sauteed in our Sicilian spice mix and adorned with housemade pancetta and currants. To enjoy this dish simply add a splash of water and bring it up to temperature. Garnish with toasted pine nuts to finish. Allergies: alliums, pork, pinenut(can be omitted). 

Gouda Challerhocker Pasta bake: 

Gratin de macaronis à la lyonnaise, is a traditional pasta bake of the Lyon region in France. We have adopted pieces of this beautiful dish to deliver something that feels a little more festively appropriate. Caramelized onions, rigatoni, aged Gouda, and Challerhocker all meld together to be baked into the perfect Thanksgiving macaroni and cheese. To prepare this dish, preheat the oven to 400 degrees and then place the macaroni uncovered for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy in the tin or remove and plate. Allergies: allium, dairy, gluten.

Marinated green beans: 

This citrusy, allium forward green bean dish rounds out your Thanksgiving table. To enjoy, take out the green beans and marinade about an hour before serving to temper. This dish is intended to be eaten at just below room temperature. 

Parker House rolls:

These little dinner rolls are ready to go with everything on your Thanksgiving spread. Baked by the Pizzaiolos of soon to be Bambino, these buttery fluffy rolls are made in the Japanese Tangzhong method. To heat, preheat the oven to 300 degrees and remove the plastic covering from the top of the bread tins. Place bread into the oven and bake until warm. Allergies: gluten, dairy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll see you next month for Feast of the Seven Fishes!

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