Community Supported Restaurant Members Program

All our supporters can become L’Oca d’Oro members and make us a truly Community Supported Restaurant (CSR). For L’Oca d’Oro, it’s an opportunity to connect with the neighborhood and to repay you with a discounted house account.

  1. – Advance notice of special event and holiday dinners. L’Oca d’Oro hosts many dinner parties each year inspired by holidays, cultural festivals/events, movies, sports, and whatever else comes into our heads. Each shareholder will get the first crack at 2 reservations.
  3. – A personalized house account card which is transferable to friends and family.  Each card is loaded with a 20% premium on how much you spend over $1k.  Spend $1000, get $1200.  We keep track of your acct so you don’t have to wait for your check and don’t have to worry about losing your card.

For more information, EMAIL US