Happy Birthday, L’Oca d’Oro!

This is how we like to eat on our Birthday.  It’s hot.  We want to eat lots of plate of cold things.  We want to celebrate the beautiful Southern Italian produce that is in season in Central Texas right now.  We want to grill meat.  And we want our wine to be bubbly!  Come celebrate with us as we turn our calendar to Year Three.

Thursday, June 21


Navy Cove Oysters, Italian dressing

Salsa Ammoglio Bruschetta, rosemary focaccia

Fresh Mozzarella, gabagool, vinegar pepper relish.

Cold Rigatoni, blue crab, salmon roe, green onion, lemon olive aioli


Einkorn Spaghetti, bagna cauda, garlic breadcrumbs

Chicken Liver Mezzaluna, pickled blueberry, lemon balm


Grilled Lamb-chetta Scottadito, rosemary, garlic

Cherry Pepper Harissa New Potatoes


Cannoli, peaches & cream, blueberry dream

$75 Menu/$50 Wine Pairing Option

Dinner will be served Family-Style.  All above items will come to the center of your table to be shared.  There is not a vegetarian or gluten-free option for this dinner.  We can make dairy-free options available for some of the courses.

For reservations or info, call 737.212.1876 or email info@locadoroaustin.com