October Food Notes

october 2023 – Giorno dei Morti

Giorno Dei Morti, also called Journu Rii Muorti in Sicily, is a Halloween-like holiday celebrated across Italy. In Italy families have fall feasts and leave out place settings and glasses of wine to remember their loved ones. At night children leave their shoes outside hoping that spirits come by and leave candy in them. Giorno Dei Morti is one of our favorite food holidays to celebrate from spooky soup to macabre little cookies, we are enamored with it all. Thank you for letting us prepare your all souls day feast.   

We hope you enjoy. 


what we have prepared for you for this month:

Bucatini w/ Pesto alla Trapanese:

Trapanese is one of Sicily’s signature beautifully balanced pesto. Tomatoes rich in the amino acids responsible for umami paired alongside creamy rich almonds make for a sauce to die for this giorno dei morti. To start this dish, grab a pot of salted water, bring it to a boil, and add the bucatini. Set a timer for 6 minutes. While your bucatini is cooking, put a wide pan on medium-low heat and add in around 4 oz of pasta water, along with the pesto. Stir the pesto gently with the pasta water to incorporate. Once the pasta is done, add it to this pan. 

Add around 2 TB of butter slowly stirring everything on low heat until a homogeneous sauce is formed. contains gluten (bucatini), nuts & nightshade (pesto). Pesto is best within 2 days, refrigerated. Pasta is best within 5 days, refrigerated.

Minestra dei Morti with Tagliatelle: 

Minestra dei morti is a classic day of the dead soup. Ours varies from the original to celebrate Texas seasonality. In this soup you will find heirloom summer squash from Steelbow Farms as well as sweet potato greens. The broth is made rich and hearty from a vegetable stock we fortified with solid grana aminos. 

To heat this meal, simply bring the broth and veg to a boil, add the tagliatelle and cook for one minute. Put the soup into bowls and spread a generous amount of pecorino on each one. contains gluten (tagliatelle) & dairy, allium, nightshade (minestra). Pasta is best within 5 days, refrigerated. Soup is best within 3 days, refrigerated.

Smoked Mozzarella and Butternut Squash Agrodolce:

Our mozzarella has been cold smoked with hay to be paired with a roasted butternut squash agrodolce. Enjoy this dish by tempering the mozzarella and agrodolce until room temperature and soft and then combining the two. contains dairy (mozzarella) &  allium, nightshade (agrodolce).  Mozzarella is best within 2 days, refrigerated. Agrodolce is best within 3 days, refrigerated.

Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade:

Olive tapenade is our pantry item for this month, enjoy with sandwiches, toasts or simply as a dip with your favorite cracker or chip. This zesty olive tapenade, is made with citrus confit, garlic, and peppers blended together with aromatic olive oil. contains stonefruit, allium, nightshade. Best within 5 days, refrigerated.

Pan dei morti: 

All Soul’s Day would not be complete without its signature cookie, pan dei morti. Pan dei morti, or bread of the dead in English, is a morbidly themed cookie made around giorno dei morti. It has nuts and liquor soaked fruits that are supposed to be reminiscent of bones and organs. This fun little treat was right up our alley, we got to use our house made nocino to soak currants and everyone’s favorite, crunchy toasted hazelnuts. We hope you enjoy. contains nuts & gluten. Best within 7 days.

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