July Food Notes

July 2022 – Sicily


Sicily is magical. When approaching these meals we are really trying to not only find a story to tell about the region but the story that makes sense for you all to be eating at home. Sicily to me is a wild adventure of street foods and comforting experiences in people’s homes. We put together a menu to best reflect how to bring some of these experiences and flavors into your homes. Enjoy!

What We Have Prepared For You This Week:

Smoked Mozzarella with Eggplant Caponata: 

One of the most important inspiring foods I’ve ever seen was a street vendor smoking mozzarella over a live fire and serving them in a little crusty bun. It is in the spirit of this that we’ve put the pairing of sweet and sour caponata with smokey, creamy fresh mozzarella. Smoked mozzarella contains dairy and is best used in 1-2 days.  Caponata contains nightshade, allium and capsicum and is best used in 1 week.  Keep both refrigerated.

Sicilian Spiced Pecans: 

These are not a food you’d find in Sicily, I don’t think. They are inspired by the flavors of the region and one of the most additive and craveable foods we’ve ever made. Contains tree nuts & capsicum.  Best used in 1 week in sealed container.

Lumache alla Norma:  

This is the ubiquitous summer pasta dish of Sicily. As soon as the eggplant is ripe on the vine, you see this dish on every menu in the region. Our expression of this is certainly pretty  traditional.  Lumache contains gluten and is best used in 1 week refrigerated.  Sauce alla Norma contains nightshade & capsicum and is best used in 1-2 days.

Bucatini with Pistachio Pesto and Ricotta Salata:

Pistachios are one of the prized foods of Sicily. We wanted to make a bright and light summery pesto featuring these pistachios. The pesto clings beautifully to our Bucatini. 

Finishing this with a shaving of rich and salty ricotta salata is the perfect way to eat this. Bucatini contains gluten and is best used in 1 week refrigerated.  Pistachio pesto contains dairy, allium & capsicum and is best used in 2-3 days or 1 month, if frozen.  Ricotta Salata contains dairy and is best used in 1 month refrigerated.


Cooking Instructions: 

Here are some recipes for this meal. I would like to note though that these ingredients are absolutely for you to experiment with. Feel free to add on to them, or even just use the ingredients one by one in your own cooking!

Lumache alla Norma

(Plan for 6 minutes preparation)

  • Bring 3+ qts of water to a boil in a deep pot. Salt the water with three big pinches of kosher salt. 
  • Drop pasta in the water for about 3 1/2 minutes or until al dente.  Put a medium saute pan on medium heat and add the norma sauce then add the cooked pasta. Toss until glazed and super creamy; add pasta water as needed to adjust for consistency.  Divide into plates or bowls. Garnish with a generous pinch of ricotta salata and parsley. 

Bucatini with Pistachio Pesto  

(Plan for 7 minutes active preparation)

    • Bring 6 qts of water to a boil in a deep pot. Salt the water with three big pinches of kosher salt. 
    • Drop your pasta in the water and cook for 6 minutes, or until al dente.  While the pasta is cooking, warm a medium saute pan over medium high  heat, and add the pesto and 2oz of pasta water.  Drain the pasta and toss the noodles in the sauce over medium heat until just starting to cling to the noodles. Add a bit of butter if you’d like it richer. 

    Note: Be wary of using your seasoned pasta water in the sauce; there are already a lot of salty components in the dish. If needed, use unsalted water to adjust your sauce.

    • Divide into bowls. Top with grated ricotta salata. 

As always, thank you for joining us on our regional adventures through Italy…excited to see where next month takes us!