June Wine Notes

June 2022 – Campania

From the coast to the rocky hilltops, Campania is a sure highlight of Southern Italian wines. History is lived in the region under the looming shadow of still active Mount Vesuvius – and fun in the sun is had on its gorgeous coastline.  Campania has a rich history in its varied  expressions of Falanghina, Aglianico, & Greco wines, but they were mostly consumed in the region until the last fifty years. Campania has grown  from only a few wineries in 1970 to hundreds today – celebrating the many sought after and ancient whites, and the often rustic and serious Aglianico. Though there are more of the aforementioned white varietals grown by far – by volume, red is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) still king.

Fattoria La Rivolta Falanghina &  Aglianic0

“Love, passion, respect for l the environment in which we all live. This is “Fattoria la rivolta”, a winery located in the heart of Torrecuso, in the province of Benevento, in the beautiful and colorful frame of the Taburno. Since 1998, The grapes, produced in the vineyards of the Chaplin family, have been vinified in a splendid farmhouse in stone renovated and restored with taste and love. It has been equipped with the most suitable equipment for the correct vinification and is constantly evolving and updating.”

Located in Torrecuso, in the province of Beneveno, Fattoria La Rivolta consists of hilly lands that range in altitude from 300 to 600 meters. With unique soils of limestone and clay, the vineyards are located in one of the smallest DOCs in the region, Campania’s Taburno, home to some of the most picturesque and mountainous vineyards in all of Europe.

Here, the Cotroneo family has been living in the region for several generations. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the grandparents Giovanni and Teresa maintained and cultivated one of the largest agricultural farms in Benevento, which was later divided amongst their eight grandchildren

Vigneti di Bruma ’ 2020

Region: Campania
Grape: 100% Falanghina

Falanghina is a lovely varietal highlighting the minerality of mostly coastal Campania. It was most commonly seen as a blending grape, but in recent times – 100% Falanghinas, like the “Ivigneti di Bruma ” have become more common. With its notes of  grapefruit, fresh herbs and wet stone, it’s medium body and  refreshing, citrusy palate. It’s a classic pairing for a caprese salad – or our mozzarella and marinated tomatoes!

Vigneti di Bruma ’ 2020

Region: Campania
Grape: 100% Aglianico

Aglianico thrives in the zone of Taurasi, which hugs the Calore river, vineyards climbing up steep rocky hillsides. Classically speaking, Aglianico is one the great Italian reds– often spoken about in the same breaths as the great Nebbiolos of Piedmont – which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Barolo of the South. Don’t be fooled, the characteristics of Aglianico are different and wild. Big body, deep deep colors, acid and tannic structures that lend well to aging. Notes of lack cherry, spiced plum,bitter chocolate, leather, tar, white pepper, game, smoke can be found on the nose and palates of Aglianico. La Rivolta’s Ivigneti di Bruma shows deep dark fruits with hints of game and even a touch of hazelnut

‘Nepente’ Manimurci, 2018
Region: Campania
Grape:  Fiano di Avellino DOCG

Fiano di Avellino DOCG ‘Nepente’ Manimurci 2018 

“Powerful like race horses, to be tamed to appreciate the gait.” Manicuri on their grapes and wines. 

Manicurci, works as a collaboration of multiple family vineyards that have been growing in Campania for generations. Aromas of under ripe pineapple, green apple, citrus, pine  and pleasant green flintiness – lime, pine nut, and a surprisingly full body, finish the palate. High acid, elegant,  a wonderful example of the whites for which Campania is esteemed.

Cantina del Taburno ‘Folius’ Spumante, NV
Region: Campania
Grape: Falanghina

We were excited to find these lovely bubbles that express the orchard fruits of falanghina (a grape very rarely seen in this form)  in a shroud of fine effervescence that is supported, but not overwhelmed by toasty bready notes.  Cantina del Taburno is located at the base of Mount Taburno, an inactive volcano, in the small town of Foglianise, in the province of Benevento. The Cantina was established in 1972 as a cooperative with 15-20 associates. The CoOp has grown substantially since those times, but still focuses on sustainable practices.

Terredora Dipaolo Rose & Fiano

‘Terredora focuses on the importance fof Campani Feliz, native grape varietals dating to the Graeco-Latin era. Their vinyards are nestled in some of the most fruitfull parts of Iripania — the subregion most known for DOCGs featuring Fiano, Greco, and Aglianico

 ‘Rosaenovae’, 20180
Region: Campania
Grape:  100% Aglianico

A hearty rose presentation of the Campanian classic red.  Aromatic notes of cherry, red fruits and apricot. Well-balanced, dry and persistent with undertones of peach and an aftertaste of strawberry.

Greco di Tufo DOCG, 2020

Region: Campania
Grape:  100% Greco di Tufo

A sometimes undersung white grape for which we have a personal affinity. Greco was known for bleds Despite the unually hot weather of the 2020 growing season, this Greco packs a punch.  Rich and powerfully aromatic nose of apricot, apple, peach and citrus — bright, but delicate acidity.

Terre Stregate Greco & Aglianico

Terre Stregate means “haunted land,” after the legend of witches from the village of Benevento who would gather around cauldrons on the banks of the river Calore. 120 years of family history on the estate, which was founded in 1898, the winery took a break in the ‘60’s returning to making wine in 2004.

Aurora Greco Sannio DOP, 2020
Region: Campania
Grape: 100% Greco

Greco’s roots spread throughout the hills of Benevento and greater Campania. This is an ancient variety, entrenched with the history of place and dancing tales of magic and sorcery. The name ‘Aurora’ speaks to this sentiments. Tense golden yellow color, aroma is characteristic of dried apricot, citrus peel and honey. The taste is soft and structured, with high aromatic persistence. A unique and wild, but structured white, that will compliment light game and rich cheeses.

Aglianico Sannio DOP ‘ Manent’ 2018
Region: Campania
Grape: 100% Aglianico

Vibrant deep ruby color. Powerful but uplifting, with a fragrant nose of dark cherry and anise, structured palate with explosive flavor of dark fruits, great acidity, earthy notes and herbs and a little touch of cocoa on the long finish. ‘Manent’ translates to ‘Remain’ – just as the heritage and Benevento’s people have stood the test of time.

Rocca Del Dragone, 2020
Region: Campania
Grape: 100% Aglianico

Rocca in Italian means a high fortified stronghold, a place of refuge, somewhat like a small castle. Today, high up on Monte Petrino, a mountain which overlooks the small town of Mondragone, lie the ruins of an ancient Rocca which was named Rocca del Dragone by the Normans during the Middle Ages.Deep in tone, a rustic expression of the grape. Aromas and flavors of black cherry, blackberry, dark chocolate, coffee, pepper and mineral. Full bodied yet amazingly smooth and elegant.