Italian Menu Project – Veneto

Venetian Tasting Menu  $38 (subj. to change)

“Nowhere else has liver with onions become so refined, nowhere else has rice been treated with such subtlety…nowhere else has polenta been made with such fine grain.”  In a part of Italy known for its butchers of cavallo and asino, we will focus instead on the grains that dominate menus in lieu of pasta.  As the weather (possibly) gets cooler, we celebrate the humble meats found in a Bollito Misto with peara, a hearty bread crumb and bone marrow sauce to remind us that we are still in Italy but also on the Austrian border, far from the volcanic south.

Stracchino di Crescenza, red onion-grapefruit marmalade, buckwheat brioche

Wood Roasted Dry-Aged Duck Breast, kohlrabi puree, marinated ceci, radicchio

Farro Pappardelle, shrimp bolognese, guanciale, bottarga

Tiramisu, white sonoran sponge cake, Plantation rum mascarpone, dark cocoa

Venetian Wine Flight $18   

Italy’s largest wine-producing region.Surrounding the town of Verona (Romeo and Juliet’s stomping grounds), in the foothills of the Lessini Mountains and overlooking Lake Garda and the Adige river.Soave and Valpolicella hail from this region and vary wildly in quality due to an almost constant restructuring of the DOC rules. Further north, in Valdobbiadene, they have been making Prosecco for four centuries and founded the first school of winemaking in 1876.This long, rich history was followed by a post-industrial dilution of quality and, recently, an effort to refocus on stricter standards and sustainable farming by the best producers, represented here.

Garganega, Gini ’15, Soave Classico DOC

Grown in the orginal higher altitude Classico zone and with a 100% Garganega, Gini produces a lush, round Soave from 70 year old vines that shows notes of tropical fruit and a rich, chalky minerality.

Corvina/Lagrein/Rondinella, Ottella ‘RosesRoses’ ’16,  Rosato Alto Mincio IGT

From the hills of Lugana, this blend of Valpolicella grapes shows off the bright, young strawberry bubblegum characteristics of these varietals before aging.

Corvina/Rondinella/Molinara, Le Salette ’14, Valpolicella Classico DOC

Farmed by the Scamperle Family since 1860 and built as a donation to the Madonna for ridding the region of phylloxera.  This is bright, tart Valpolicella made with no dried grapes (Amarone) or contact with Amarone (Ripasso).