Valentine’s Day Mash Up Vol. II

The Sex Pistols vs  The Carpenters

The Love Menu does battle with the Hate Menu for the second year.  Each dish is inspired by a different song.  Each course is comprised of 2 dishes, served for sharing.  Come dressed as Richard or Karen Carpenter, Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious (or Nancy Spungen!) and we’ll pour you a glass of sparkling.

Intro Cocktail (included with pairing)

Superstar (1969) – Vanilla Jello “Punch”

Pretty Vacant (1977) – House Amaro, Bitter Ice 

Track One

We’ve Only Just Begun (1970) – Fresh Mozzarella, Cauliflower Fonduta, Semolina Toast

Bodies (1977) – Murder Point Oysters, N’duja Breadcrumbs

Track Two

Top of the World (1972) – Casunziei Ampezzani, Beet Mascarpone, Poppy Seed, Begonia Vinegar

God Save the Queen (1977) – Black Spaghetti Carbonara, Guanciale, Bottarga

Track Three

Close To You (1970) – Brick Chicken Roulade, Mushroom Mousseline, Royal Corona Beans

Holidays in the Sun (1977) – Polenta Fried Octopus, House Spicy Mustard, Frilly Mustard Greens

Track Four

Goodbye to Love (1972) – Olive Oil Cake, Pistachio Gelato, White Chocolate Ganache

Anarchy in the UK (1977) – Strawberry-Hazelnut Hot Fudge Sundae, Foccaccia Soldiers

$65/pp   (Vegetarian Option Available. No substitutions)

$40 Cocktail & Wine Pairing (TBD)

Call 737.212.1876 or email for details