Italian Menu Project – Pasta Tasting

Fiore loves pasta.  This new menu gives Chef a chance to play with the form in even more creative ways.  5 unique pastas loaded with complex flavors followed by dessert to share.  A great way to introduce yourself to L’Oca d’Oro or appreciate what we do in a new way.

as of 7.26.18

Garganelli, burrata, grilled shrimp, canary melon

Triangoli, sweet corn puree, bacon

Casarecce, ricotta miso, pecorino, grana padano, garlic breadcrumbs

Tortelloni, pine nut-swiss chard, grilled pastrami, okra picalilli

Open Raviolo, hake brandade

$75/pp – Vegetarian Option Available. Full table participation required.


  • *All subject to change due to availability*