Pasta Tasting Menu

Fiore loves pasta.  This new menu gives Chef a chance to play with the form in even more creative ways.  5 unique pastas loaded with complex flavors followed by dessert to share.  A great way to introduce yourself to L’Oca d’Oro or appreciate what we do in a new way.

as of 10.24.18

Antipasti, a selection of bites

Hand-Rolled Garganelli, or ‘Tubes’, Arugula Puree, Hakurei Turnips, Burnt Cream

Butternut Squash Triangoli, Yonder Way Farms Bacon, Bottarga, Chives

Lasagna, Wagyu Pastrami, Sauce Peara, Fresh Mozzarella

Tortellini en Brodo, Ciccioli, Beet Consomme, Boggy Creek Mustards

Ricotta, Pecan Cacio e Pepe, Beauty Berry, Garlic Chive

Cannoli Sundae, Housemade Gelato with Hazelnut Butter and Cherries and Chocolate Sauce and White ChocolateWhipped Cream!


  • *All subject to change due to availability*