Pasta Tasting Menu

Fiore loves pasta.  This new menu gives Chef a chance to play with the form in even more creative ways.  4 unique pastas spanning the breadth of flavors and textures followed by our loaded sundae.  A great way to introduce yourself to L’Oca d’Oro or appreciate what we do in a new way.

as of 3.14.19

Fresh MozzarellaIraqi Durum Lavash, L’Oca Pepperoni, Pickled Romanesco

Sweet Potato Triangoli, Sage Brown Butter, Sbrisolana, Pepitas

Spaghetti Tempura, Royal Red Shrimp Scampi

Love Letters, Milk-Braised Veal Ravioli, Saffron Butter

Grilled Gnocchi alla Romana, Spigariello, Pecorino, Boquerones

Cannoli Sundae, Housemade Gelato with Hazelnut Butter and Cherries and Chocolate Sauce and White ChocolateWhipped Cream!

$65 per person (full table participation only)/$40 Optional Wine Pairing

  • *All subject to change due to availability*