The Restaurant: Coming Soon

This week, we are signing a lease and hope to have our permanent location open in the beginning of next year. In the meantime, we will be popping up all over town at some of your favorite restaurants and some other more obscure locations. Please sign up for the mailing list or check Facebook and Instagram for upcoming dates. And we remain available for all kinds of parties in all kinds of places. Just let us know what you have in mind. Email or contact us on FB for inquiries.

Upcoming Events


Private Dining

Let us make a special dinner party for you. We can accommodate up to 30 guests in any fun, private dining space. We create and serve fully customized menus with wine, signature cocktail pairings and floral services.

For more information please contact:
Fiore Tedesco
(917) 805-0049


The seed of L'Oca D'Oro, (The Golden Goose), was planted one autumn night in Foligno, Italy eight years ago. My band was on a European tour and, that night, we were playing a little Umbrian rock & roll club. We were invited to dine at a hilltop restaurant nestled between the forest and a grove of persimmon trees. The food was prepared by the larger than life chef, who manned the entire indoor kitchen, and his ninety-year-old grandmother who was grilling meats, outside, over charcoal. There were wild boar and pheasant rustling around in the woods and the view from atop the orchard, looking out into Tuscany, was stunning. We ate for several hours; each ingredient, dish and bottle of wine coming with a story, about the chef's friend who hunted the boar that made our ragu or his neighbor who just bottled his new vintage that we were drinking. I was overwhelmed by the meal. We ate and drank, and then I cried… several times. I just fell apart and I couldn't help it.

The meal brought me back to my childhood, being five years old, shaking my parents out of bed at seven in the morning every Sunday to drive me to my grandparents' house so I could be there when my grandmother took the first batch of meatballs out of the pan. These were magical moments to me the meatballs hot and glistening before they would drop into the Sunday sauce. The first bite was always my favorite part of the week, crisp and unctuous and sharp with the pecorino and celery leaves. In those days, the whole family crammed together at that little table for Sunday supper, my uncles and aunts and cousins, often fifteen of us. It was a mad house. My grandparents bickering about the doneness of the pasts, six people talking, loudly, at once, and when no one was looking I would hide a few meatballs in the bib of my overalls, just in case. When I was young, I had assumed that was how everybody ate on Sunday. It wasn't until those Sunday meals were long gone that I realized how special they were.

I returned from that trip a changed man. Food took on deeper meaning in my life; where and whom it came from, the history, the lore. I wanted to recreate the community I found on that trip to Italy, and relive the joy of my family's Sunday suppers. I began touring less, cooking more. I started with a few stages, and then went to work at Roberta's in Brooklyn and later at The Gramercy Tavern. In between, I began creating dinners of my own. The first dinner took place in the basement of my apartment building in Brooklyn in April, 2007. My wife, Katie, and I spent months planning everything. We built the furniture and spent a week cleaning and decorating the space. The menu was a five-course revival of the meal I ate on that autumn night in Foligno. In the years since that first meal, much has changed and much remains the same.

We now live and work in Austin, Tx. We are now three, with our little Lucy, for whom L'Oca D'Oro is named. We've made many friends along the way, taking great pride in the relationships we foster. The meals are still all served in a prix fixe format at a long communal table. We believe our meals are our community, and we'd like you to come be a part of that.

We hope to have you for dinner soon.

Fiore Tedesco III

Dinner with Animals

My life changed in Umbria. I felt like I was home in a way I’ve never felt before. In two days, my waking thoughts led me to imagine a different life for myself, a new beginning. In my unconscious mind, a magical distillation of the food, wilderness & affection came into focus. In dream, I am tucked inside a dense maze of persimmon trees, sitting at the head of an enormous raw wood table, I find myself at a dinner party. All of the other guests are staring at me. I scan the room and realize I am the only human here. The other 15 guests are animals; a fox, a jackrabbit, a wild boar, and a porcupine among them. We barely speak, but we eat. I do anyway. Every time I look down, there is another plate of food in front of me. It is the exact meal I had eaten that previous evening. I am filled with the flavors, the aroma & presence of all those foods, but the dishes all look distinctly different. Like nothing I’ve seen before, the food has been transformed in shape, color and texture. Each dish a colorful storm about to burst. But it tastes exactly as it did the night before. I awake from my dream overjoyed, perplexed and inspired. “Dinner with Animals:Umbria” recreates the food and setting of those dreams as a theatrical feast and installation.

The dense forest of persimmon, the dinner table, and the animals. Guests and diners will be treated to a seated seven course meal and invited to engage in the piece from three distinct perspectives.

Coming soon...


Too busy working, raising families, cooking and drinking wine to blog right now. For pictures of our dinners go to our Facebook page.