Cocktails & Spirits


Never Gonna (Dance Again) 14
Hayman’s Gin, strawberry-basil spirit, herb melange, bubbles, L’Oca bitters

Round & Round  14
Susto Mezcal, Cimarron Tequila, TX cherry cordial, grapefruit & lemon

Church of the Poison Mind  14
Wildjune Gin, Amaro Campanella, L’Oca Limoncello, mint, lime

Gooseman 14
Still Austin Straight Rye, Amaro Fiore, L’Oca Oranj, lemon peel

El Goodo   14
Hamilton Jamaican Pot Stilled Rum, L’Oca Amaretto, Tiffon Cognac, lime

No / Very Low ABV

School Night Spritz    10
grapefruit-fennel cordial, fresh basil & mint, lime, bubbles

Dry County O.F.    10
dark roast yaupon tea, yerba-orange cordial, L’Oca orange & aromatic bitters

Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative     10
 with any of our housemade sodas +2

Housemade Italian Sodas    6
limonata / strawberry-lime /  orange cream /  grapefruit-fennel



Rhum JM Agricole 50%, Martinique     12

Charanda Blanco Uruapan, Michoacan   10

Hamilton Overproof Pot Still Dark Rum, Jamaica   14


Goodnight Loving, ATX     10
with any L’Oca sodas +2

Castle & Key Sacred Spring, KY   12
as L’Oca L’emon d’Rop + 2


G&W Private Stock Bourbon, KY     10
as Old Fashioned with L’Oca aromatic and orange bitters +2

Pop’s Canadian, ATX    11

Noah’s Mill Genuine Bourbon, KY    18

Still Austin Rye, ATX    14

Roulette Straight Rye, KY    12
as Manhattan with Vermut Roselle and aromatic bitters +2

Harleston Green Scotch, SCO      12   

Bruichladdich Unpeated, SCO     16


Hayman’s London Dry, ENG     10

Revolution ‘Austin Reserve’, ATX     12
as house Martini with L’Oca French Vermouth +2

Wild June Western Gin, ATX    14

Jin Jiji Darjeeling, IND     12
as House Negroni with Amaro Argento & L’Oca Italian Vermouth + 2

Tequila & Mezcal

Cimarron Blanco  10
as L’Oca Margarita with La Gritona Reposado & house orange liqueur +

La Gritona Reposado    14

Tapatio Anejo     18

Doña Vega Mezcal    14

Susto Mezcal     12

Loca Liqours

*Happy Hour 1/2 off all Spritzes 5-6 everyday!

^as spritz with sparkling wine & citrus +2

^Amaro Argento (bitter orange & hibiscus)    10

^Amaro Nomo  (sass & sassafras)    10

^Amaro Fiore IV (flowers & breezes)    10

^French Vermouth (lemongrass & peppercorn)     10

^Limoncello (lemons & sunshine)    10

^Vermut Roselle (hibiscus & kisses)     10

Amaro Campanella (cacao & spice)      10

Italian Vermouth  (gentian & a jolt)    10

Pecan Nocino (TX pecans, dark secrets)    10

Hospitality Charges

20% Pre-Tax service charge

is added to all checks to ensure our employees a thriving base wage, provide paid sick leave and health benefits.  Additional gratuity is not required but is appreciated and is distributed to the entire staff.

2.85% Credit Card Convenience

We charge 2.85% on credit cards to help offset processing costs.  This amount is not more than what we pay in fees.  We do not surcharge on debit cards, gift cards or cash payments.

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