1.29.18 – A Finite Bowl of Pasta

Pasta Tasting Debut Starting on Friday, we dove into Lombardy in a slightly different way than we’ve done with our past regions.  We have a flight that includes a rich, yeasty example of Franciacorta and two Groppellos from the shores of Lake Garda, a dry, funky rosato blend and an ashy, cassis-drivne rosso. The menu […]

Jan. 23, 2018

Lake Garda borders Veneto and Lombardy.  On the southern shore is Lugana, a wine region that crosses over so in the eastern half, we have a corvina rose from Veneto and, on the western half, we have Trebbiano di Lugana from Lombardy.  This is a rare occurrence in Italy but shouldn’t be surprising for a […]

Jan. 19, 2018

Since the beginning of July ’17, we’ve spent about six weeks focusing on different regions of Italy.  We are moving on to Lombardy this weekend and I realized when talking to two customers last night what I love about this project.  It’s as much about us as it is about you. I’ve been tasting wine […]

Jan. 15, 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! While not a typical restaurant holiday in that we don’t spend alot of time working on our MLK pasta menu or promoting specials inspired by Dr. King’s many speeches.  This is a day to reflect why we’re in business and whether there is a social justice component to our […]

Jan. 12, 2018

Tasting through some of Lombardy’s wines in preparation for the next region that we’ll be exploring.  We load the menu and the wine list with items inspired by Lombardy and then offer a daily changing tasting menu and wine flight to highlight some of our finds and creations. This week, I’ve tasted a handful of […]

Jan. 10, 2018

Morning started letting everyone know that L’Oca d’Oro had been included in Eater’s Essential 38 for the first time.  We are proud to be on this list with some other great restaurants and institutions.  We are proud to be the only Italian restaurant on the list.  Next stop was a policy meeting with Councilman Greg […]

The Origins of Eating Local

“Slow food” is a banner that has fallen out of favor here in The States, but the spirit of tradition, preservation and regionality that undergirds the movement are alive and well in what Americans prefer to call Farm-to-Table dining.  No matter how you like to decorate the philosophy linguistically, one name that can not be […]

Gracious Rebellion

At L’Oca d’Oro we talk a lot about disruptive ideas: One Fair Wage, Sanctuary Restaurants, kids in the dining room. But to experience an evening or brunch with us, one might never suspect that L’Oca d’Oro is, in many ways, an homage to Chef Fiore Tedesco’s former career as a touring punk rock drummer.  The […]

The Maverick Winemaker

John Rivenburgh, champion of sustainable and organic practices as an award-winning Texas winemaker, has said of his guiding philosophy ”keep it simple.” As fellow appreciators of unadulterated nature, we thought featuring the inaugural vintage of the brand that bears Rivenburgh’s name to be a great way of celebrating the bounty of fall at our upcoming […]

The Sage Neighbor

Everyone has one. The friendly elder neighbor that you have to scan for before beelining to your car in the morning. If he spots you, he waves, casually at first, but it is not safe to let down your guard.  He trods across the yard with greater determination as you toss your belongings into the […]

Hospitality Charges

20% Pre-Tax service charge

is added to all checks to ensure our employees a thriving base wage, provide paid sick leave and health benefits.  Additional gratuity is not required but is appreciated and is distributed to the entire staff.

2.85% Credit Card Convenience

We charge 2.85% on credit cards to help offset processing costs.  This amount is not more than what we pay in fees.  We do not surcharge on debit cards, gift cards or cash payments.

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